We all love stories.  My favorite thing is to lose myself in a tale created by someone with a talent for world-building and the crafting of engaging characters.

I have always been an avid reader  and there are a number of well-loved stories I re-visit every so often.  I have recently been introduced to the miracle of audiobooks and am working my way through my old favorites and enjoying them in a whole new way, but more importantly, I am discovering many, many great books I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to read.

The so-called Golden Age of Television has brought us a number of incredibly good stories, some of which are based on book series.  I don’t have “live” TV, but enjoy binge watching series and the occasional movie when they come out on DVD.

When I’m not reading or listening to book or watching movies or series, I listen to podcasts about stories.  It has never been this easy to interact with others, on a global scale, over the stories we love.

My reviews of books and shows reflect my own experience and may not coincide with others’ thoughts on the material or the merit of the work.  I am more interested in how the characters and the story engaged me and how they made me feel.  For instance, I am most often not really invested in the “classics”, even though they are considered excellent works of fiction.  In other cases, I find that books or shows that I previously couldn’t “get into”, suddenly appeal to me.  We are always growing and changing and therefore out tastes in literature and entertainment evolve.

Audiobooks bring a further dimension to a story.  If the story is great but the narrator falls short for some reason, it could, and most often does, spoil the experience for me.

In short, these are my thoughts…